Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Car Theft & Safety, Good Practices

Common Car Theft

car alarm
Car theft is more common than most people think. After all, statistics have shown that one car is stolen ever 20 seconds in the United States. And, like most types of theft, if your car is stolen it does not just affect you, it affects consumers across the country by raising insurance rates. In fact, the prominence of auto theft is one of the major factors in higher auto insurance rates.
Now, some experts may say that the only way to prevent auto theft is constant vigilance. However, you cannot watch your car all of the time. But there are some common sense tactics that will help in deterring someone from stealing your car. Don’t be fooled, though, there is no miracle safety precaution that will completely prevent your vehicle from being stolen.


One precaution that you can take to avoid car theft is to always remember to close your car windows and lock your doors. Also, do not leave your keys in your car. It is easy enough for someone to break your window, grab your keys, and take off with your car. 
Also, never leave your car running, even if you are just leaving it for a few moments. It takes seconds for an experienced thief to jump in and drive away. If you leave your car running and unattended, it makes things that much simpler for the criminal.
Another precaution is to use your garage if you have one. Many people think that just by having the car parked in the driveway that it won’t be stolen, but most often cars are stolen from driveways and spaces near the residence. It is rare that a car is stolen from a garage.

Anti Theft Devices

A great investment and auto theft deterrent is an anti theft device. Today, many cars are coming equipped with car alarms and special locks. If you can afford it, take advantage of the equipment. If you have the device, use it. It really does work to deter the auto thief.
Your car windows allow auto thieves the ability to see what you have going on inside your vehicle. Valuables do not belong inside, and they are one great temptation for an auto thief.


hiding valuables for insurance and safety
If you have to store something valuable in your car, make sure it is well hidden from view. Also, do not keep your house keys in your vehicle. A thief is a thief, and there is not reason to allow him or her to return to your home and rob you there.
Not only to keep your vehicle from being stolen, but also for your personal safety, you should always park in well lit areas and avoid parking on streets that are away from main thoroughfares when in the city.
Another great precaution when parking your car is to turn your wheels into the curb. Not only will this action lock your steering wheel, but it makes it more difficult to tow or push cars with turned wheels. It is a simple way to prevent your car from being stolen.

Emotions and Cost

In the end, a stolen car can be an emotional experience, but also a costly one, too. Auto theft is common, and helps to raise the cost of auto insurance significantly. Take the time to use these precautions to prevent your car from being another statistic.

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