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Protecting yourself against insurance fraud

Insurance fraud and protecting yourself

Protecting yourself against insurance fraud

Protecting yourself against insurance fraud not only protects your pocketbook, but it also can protect the lives of your family members. Unfortunately there are deviant people out there looking to find victims for their next insurance fraud scam, and it is important to not let it be you.
Insurance fraud is not a new concept. From Ancient Greece where ship scuttling was not uncommon, insurance fraud has travelled from England to America. With each new advance in transportation and technology, people are finding new ways to scam the insurance system. Now, there are organized crime rings that are so sophisticated that they can be very difficult to detect.
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Even though these crime rings can be hard to see, it does not mean you have to be a victim to their scams. Most rings and scam artists use fairly common practices that, if you keep your eyes open, you can detect fairly easily. In this case, knowledge is truly power.

Insurance Scam Artists

The first thing is to educate yourself on the types of scams that are used by these rings. From vehicles deliberately coming to an abrupt stop in order to cause an accident to people pretending to be helpful but really trying to cause an accident, most scam artists will look to cause an accident that looks like your fault.
Sometimes the scam artist will add damage to their vehicle after the accident, especially if the vehicle is brought to another location. 
Then they will claim that the accident happened during the original accident. Also, they may wave you into traffic and then run into you. When the police arrive, they will claim that they never waved you into traffic.
Another fake helper scam involves using mechanics, doctors, or lawyers to lie so that they can get more money out of the insurance claim. The service mechanic may charge outrageous amounts so that there is more money the insurance has to pay out. These service professionals are sometimes in on the scam.

Protecting yourself

So how do you protect yourself in these cases? Well, first you need to always be aware when you are driving. Watch out for other drivers who may be following you to assess your driving habits. 
Another protection is to maintain a safe driving distance between you and the car in front of you. Even if you are on a crowded highway in the middle of rush hour, you should always leave enough room for you to stop safely.
With technological advances in cell phones, your protection has increased. If you have a cell phone with a digital camera, take photos of the accident. If you do not have a camera phone, then keep a disposable camera in your car, just in case. Take notes on the damage to your car and the other car.


protecting against insurance fraud
Communication is also key to protecting yourself against scam artists or crime rings. It helps to make sure the police officer made notes on the police report as to the level of damage to the vehicles. Plus, if you feel something was suspicious, do not be afraid to tell your insurance provider what you are thinking.

Harsh Reality

The harsh reality is that, no matter how much we want to believe in other people, there are those that will try to take advantage of others to make some money. 
However, these scam artists may not just cause your insurance premiums to increase, they can cause serious bodily harm or death to those involved in an accident. So it is extremely important to keep yourself and your family safe. 
Make sure you are always aware and prepared, and you can help protect yourself from becoming a victim of car insurance fraud.

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