Thursday, 2 June 2016

3 Ways to Improve Small Business Morale

small business morale

Small Business Morale

Every small business strives to create a thriving culture but some days it’s just not that easy! As a small business in Stafford, CT we are always looking for great new ways to create a fun team driven environment. 

Improving morale

We have done everything from bring in lunch, have a masseuse come in, and create fun employee contests.  Workplace morale is a constant thought in most business owner’s minds! Our agency consultant Agency Performance Partners, developed these 3 ways to improve morale:

Ways to improve morale

1.              Spend Time Individually With Your Team. Sounds funny right? You spend a ton of time at work. Make it a point once a week to take one team member to lunch or breakfast. Your team will value the time to pick your brain on how you got to where you are and I guarantee you will pick up a few golden nuggets of wisdom from that team member. 

This can be anything from inaccurate office gossip which can affect small business morale, to a time/money saving idea or a new approach to problem. More importantly, you will see that this employee will come back to work on cloud nine from the time spent individually with them.

2.              Know what common frustrations are and work routinely to minimize them. When Agency Performance Partners first came to my office they started with an assessment. We learned about so many little things we could quickly remedy that were bogging down our team. 

Within weeks we were able to solve minor frustrations such as staggering lunch times, different coffee option and hiring an intern to scan. It was amazing what we learn and the lift in morale that was gained.

3.              Thank people, I mean really really thank them. One common piece of feedback we received on the assessment was that people wanted to feel appreciated. Appreciation didn’t need to come in money but they thrived off of recognition. I thought I thanked people regularly but what I learned was it was more of a thanks, rather than Hillary, 

small business morale


I really appreciated you staying late to get that quote done. Your dedication to the small business is well recognized. I made it a goal to give 1 compliment per day that was thorough and uniquely specific to that person. The entire agency blossomed.

The last year within my small business has been quite the journey! I wanted to share these business tips with you so you can apply them and improve your workplace morale.