Monday, 6 June 2016

Ways to Stay in Shape While at the Office

Stay in Shape While at the Office

We hear the same story over and over and over again… eat right, exercise, yada yada yada. For most of us, dieting and exercise sound good but fall short in the whole ‘implementation stage.’ A few days back we discussed good foods that we can eat in order to be healthier, as recommend by health professionals.  

But exercising is a whole other beast that many of us either haven’t figured out or simply don’t have the time.  

Well that excuse is no longer valid my friends, because we’ve found some stellar tips on how you can exercise right at your desk! Yes, you read that correct: right. at. your. desk.

First an foremost, the root of all health evil is remaining sedentary.  Studies have revealed that people who sit more than four hours a day are at a significantly higher risk for a host of diseases than those who move around while at work.  

For instance, you’re probably better off being a nurse who runs around for an entire shift than someone who sits at a cubicle for eight hours.  In order to combat this stationary epidemic, hundreds of companies and thousands of employees are moving toward standing desk setups which allow workers to stand for the majority of the day.  

Ways to Stay in Shape

Not only has it resulted in healthier employees, but some employees reveal they feel better and have more energy while standing at the office rather than sitting as before.
Aside from standing work stations, we’ve also found so pretty sweet exercises that you can do right at your desk.  You can do twenty chair squats at the top of the hour for the first three hours in the morning.  THEN on the half hour  do twenty or so triceps dips with your chair.  When you have a full break, like a bathroom break or lunch break, do some desk push ups, where you lean face down on your desk at an angle, and push up and away from your desk, again around twenty at a time.

Remember, healthy employees are productive employees, and that what every business in America wants! Furthermore,  that means far fewer workers compensation claims that you’ll deal with on a yearly basis. So get your employees up! Get em’ stretching and moving around! For the health of them and your business!