Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Why Windows are So Important to Your Home

Why Windows are So Important to Your Home

Windows are So Important to Your Home

Your home’s windows are perhaps one of the most important structural parts that contribue to healthy living environment for you and your family.  But many of us fail to realize just how important the windows are.  

Proper air flow in and out of your home allows for healthy breathing and disallows a build up of moisture that can lead to mold issues… trust us, you don’t want that! Basically if you care for your windows and maintain them properly, then you’re a stellar homeowners insurance customer!

So what then can you do to make sure that your windows are in prime shape, since they’re so important to your home’s overall well being? Well the first thing you need to ensure is that they open and close properly.  

With the changing seasonal weather comes alterations in humidity levels, and that can result in some windows not sealing properly.  Moreover, the wood around your windows (if you have it) needs to be cleaned, not only for appearance’s sake, but for the overall health of the wood itself.

Important to Your Home

If you have double- hung windows, in which the upper and lower sections of the window open up vertically, then you need to make sure that the mechanisms which operate the window, either the spring mechanism on newer models, or sash weights on older ones, are carefully maintained.  

Why Windows are So Important to Your HomeAs the windows get older, these mechanisms are more susceptible to braking or failing, thus causing your window to become useless.

These little things that you can check for on your windows can make all the difference in the world, because if you neglect your windows, then you could very well end up replacing them- and that’s not a cheap endeavor.  

Trust us, the little care you give to your windows and the rest of your home may not seem like it makes a difference, but trust us, it does- for everything, including homeowners insurance